New on VQR Static: A night in the bush by Jean-Baptiste Masson

Recorded in an open area in the South African bush, Limpopo state, Mmabolela reserve.

This is the landscape at midnight, and part of an overnight recording. It’s the beginning of summer, the nights are still fresh. It had been raining for the past three days and the temperature had dropped. During the day it was calm here.

The place is very open, with isolated groups of trees. Dead trees with fantastic forms populate the land. The microphones are under one of these trees.
Jean-Baptiste Masson is a French composer with a background in field-recording and drone music. He composes instrumental music and is currently pursuing a master degree in composition in Reims with Daniel d’Adamo.

This recording was made during the first Sonic Mmabolela, a residency / workshop organized by Francisco Lopez and James Webb.

-22ºC by Victor Aguado

Recorded in Vilnius, Lithuania. 2013. Mastered in Madrid, Spain. 2014.
Victor Aguado (Madrid, 1989) is a sound artist interested in the relationship between urbanism and sound. He is an architect and he investigates the acoustics of architectural space. He uses his soundscape recordings in installations and performances. He lives and works in Madrid.

(Autumn) Middle Of The Night In The Littoral Rainforests Of The Royal National Park by Jeremy Hegge

Jeremy Hegge describes his recording for Very Quiet Records:

“While most people think of the rainforest as dense tropical forests, lush in vegetation with extremely high levels of biodiversity, these spindly temperate littoral rainforests are quite harsh environments to live in. Battered by the winds, high levels of sodium and having to grow on a steep slanting hill means only a comparatively small variety of plants and animals can live here permanently.

Thousands of tinkling insects sing throughout the night, as the wave’s crash against the cliffs. Occasionally small mammals wonder through the foliage, including a Mountain Brushtail Possum during mating season, who makes an odd chattering call.

Recorded along the south-eastern coast of the Royal National Park, starting just after 1am on the 2nd of April, 2014. This recording is unedited aside from fading in and out.”

Jeremy Hegge (1992, Sydney, Australia) is a filmmaker, field recordist and musician from Sydney, Australia. He is interested in long duration recordings and meditative listening.

Wings of Madrona by Banks Bailey

Published today on Very Quiet Records Static – Wings of Madrona by Banks Bailey:

The recording was made by a small pool near the top of a mountain. One of many mountains which comprise the Basin and Range Province of North America. Due to crustal extension, these mountain ranges form parallel to each other divided by the desert basins. Some species are endemic to a specific range due to geographical isolation . Recorded at dusk in late September 2013 when most of the bird life had gone elsewhere. The monsoon rains had passed several weeks ago and the nights were getting cooler rather quickly. It’s a place I came upon many years ago where I instantly felt connected to it, almost like finding home again after traveling for so long. I hope you enjoy the recording as much as I liked being there. 

Banks Bailey, Tucson, AZ

Two releases by Artificial Memory Trace

Very pleased to announce two releases by Artificial Memory Trace (Slavek Kwi) …

Recorded with mono hydrophone at night 2.3.2011, Freycinet, Tasmania, Australia – constructed from multiple takes rec. on the same location.

Recorded direct to mic at night 29.12.2008, Xixuau Xiparina, Amazonas, Brazil – includes also sounds of sleeping guides.

Frogs by Joe Stevens on VQR Static

Captured one lovely spring morning, with the sun shining. I settled down close to the water’s edge and positioned the microphone just above the frogs mating in the water below. Every year seems to be different and the year of this recording there were many more frogs than previously. The pond seemed to be teaming with them. 

This track is a very close recording of frogs spawning ? Recorded in a small town close to the sea in West Dorset, England. It utilises a Rode NT4, housed in a blimp, plugged into my Sony D50. This is a is a durational recording with no additional edits or filtering taking place in post-production. 

This is a previously unreleased recording captured three years ago during my sounds of Dorset project; a series of field recordings from locations near to my home, released as monthly soundscapes that aimed to reflect on the changing landscape:

Joe Stevens is interested in the cross-fertilization of art with other disciplines and increasingly interested in performative, invitational, and collaborative models for producing. Using contemporary technology as a tool for working with other media in a way that echoes the ephemeral nature of oral cultures.

His practice over the last few years has increasingly seen him engage with archives. Leading him to investigate ways to identify holes in local archives and working to fill gaps in these collections. Currently he is leading an intergenerational oral history project investigating how our leisure time has changed since 1945.

s-p by Darius Ciuta and Richard Caldicott

Published today. s-p is a collaboration between Darius Ciuta (Lithuania) and Richard Caldicott (London).

The work was produced as follows:

Darius Ciuta recorded snowflakes falling on paper (Kaunas) and sent to Richard Caldicott (London)

Richard used this paper to produce a graphic and sent back to Darius.

Darius used Richard’s graphic as the graphic notation to compose “s-p” from a recording of snowflakes falling.

More details of this process can be found in the pdf booklet that accompanies the download.

With s-p, you can listen to both tracks (I) and (II) at same time ( two stereo speakers, or headphones and stereo speaker.)

Underwater by Jeph Jerman and Tony Whitehead out now on Impulsive Habitat

Released this week on Impulsive Habitat, Underwater is a collaboration between Arizona based artist Jeph Jerman and Tony Whitehead from Devon, UK.

Each improvisation was recorded underwater using natural objects in rockpool, river and desert wash. The material was transfered on to a master tape, which was then submerged for a period of time.

The resulting sounds are available for free download here: