Soundcamp 2015 with Soundart Radio

Despite the rain we had a lovely overnight camp at the Sound Art Radio studio on the Dartington Estate with a small and hardy group of listeners enjoying the varied songs of birds around the estate. The event was part of the REVEIL 24 HOUR BROADCAST 2015 – as the name suggests a 24 hour continuous broadcast of dawn chorus’s by listening stations around the world.

We started the camp with a Somatics workshop with Tzara Grey. Somatics is a practice that focuses attention on the soma, or “the body as perceived from within” and included some activities that explored the feeling of voice, a very appropriate introduction to bird song.

After that we took our ears for a stroll around the gardens, recording bird song as we went. Here’s a recording of the walk, mixed by Sound Art Radio’s Chris Booth …

A short soundwalk through Dartington Gardens with Tony Whitehead. Various mics used. Badly mixed 🙂 by Soundart_Radio on Mixcloud

We then retreated for the evening to the studios as the rain set in, with lots of talk of recording, bird song (and speculation as to why people don’t whistle anymore?)

After a few hours sleep we were up at 4:30am to broadcast our dawn chorus for REVEIL 2015 … which you can hear here:

Dawn and Dawn Chorus _ Dartington Hall Gardens in the rain. 03052015_0500-0600hrs by Soundart_Radio on Mixcloud

As the dawn chorus, and at last the rain, died down, we strolled to the River Dart and enjoyed some quiet in the company of blackbirds and wood pigeons to finish off the weekend.

Many thanks to Tzara Grey and Chris Booth for making sure everything ran smoothly, and to our intrepid group of listeners.