Other Voices 2017

Discovering the language of animals

Re-discovering ancient knowledges that are still within our bones can only lead to new empathies and translations of other tongues, reinvigorating our connection to the world and everything that lives here with us and alongside us.
Introduction to In Other Tongues creative summit, Dartington, in June 2017

A series of listening events through Spring 2017 to introduce and re-connect participants to the diverse voices of the birds and other animals we share our days with, but often pass unheard. A chance to learn who’s saying what, and why. A chance to develop a sense of the natural rhythms of the season, of the day, of the hour. A chance to to find out what animal voices tell us about the nature of our surroundings. A chance to to immerse ourselves in a place through listening, to really get to know how creatures inhabit the world around us, and how we inhabit their world.

The events are for people who would like to:

Learn how to identify birds and animals by listening
Learn how and why animals use sound
Learn what animal voices tell us about a place
Have new inspiration for creative work
Spend time with others who share interest in natural sound and listening
Take time out to become immersed in the sounds of the natural world
Safely explore the natural world at different times of the day and night in the company of others
Enjoy chatting round a campfire 🙂
Take time out to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet!

Origins of the events
The events are organised by south Devon naturalist, birdwatcher and wildlife sound recordist Tony Whitehead and supported, on occasion, by Robin Bowman, Dartmoor based tracker, bushcraft expert, mountain walker, canoeist, wild swimmer and birdwatcher.

The events originated in a desire to further explore and develop ways in which a deeper connection to nature can be encouraged through a deeper listening to the natural world.

Throughout the series of events we are particularly interested in reflection and feedback from participants throughout spring. Likewise, we are also interested in how participation affects life beyond the events, be that in daily outlook, health and wellbeing or inspiration for creativity.

What we learn, as facilitators, and from you as participants will for part of a seesion at the In Other Tongues creative summit at Dartington Hall in June (